Chicago Industrial Fasteners, LLC (CIF) is proud to announce that they recently passed thier ISO 9001: 2015 Audit and are certified for the 18th consecutive year.  Assessed and approved by QAS International, CIF meets the International standard for Quality Management System (QMS).

CIF stocks, distributes and facilitates the manufacture of standard and specialty fasteners for domestic and global markets, consistently providing their customers with top of the line products and services that align with their customer and regulatory requirements. This brings great value and quality assurance for their customers, ensuring they will receive the exact product they order, every time.

CIF has been ISO 9001: 2015 Certified since 2006. ISO 9001 appraises whether a company’s Quality Management System is adequate and appropriate, while simultaneously obliging them to determine and imply advancements to their products and services.

CIF makes sure that certain processes are in place to meet their customer needs, including how they order parts, where they are manufactured, how they inspect parts, how many parts are inspected, as well as employee training.

Having steady improvements help to ensure customers are ordering and receiving products that consistently meet their requirements and specifications. Everything has to be recorded in order to validate that the processes followed will meet customer requirements, every time.  An audit checklist goes through every aspect of their business.

The professionals of Chicago Industrial Fasteners are always eager and available to assist their clients with their fastener needs. Being ISO 9001 certified has enabled CIF to earn a reputation as the company that delivered on promises. As a solutions provider with the resources, vendor network, and experience, CIF handles the fastener needs that their clients require in order to meet their project goals. Their valued customers know that they can trust CIF to deliver on what they promise.