The CIF Difference

CIF Keeps You Running.

You need fasteners to keep your production floor running, and we have what it takes to make sure it does. At CIF, we’ve earned a reputation as the company that delivers on promises.

As a solutions provider, we handle the fastener needs of our clients from off the shelf solutions through concept to manufacturing, to sourcing the mix of specialty manufacturers required to meet their project goals.


“I can expect quick turnarounds on pricing requests, more importantly, I can also reach someone, whether it is my sales person or the main office. Every order ships on time with the right parts, packaged and delivered to the correct location. CIF wants to help us , not just sell us parts, and I think of them as a business partner not just another supplier.”

Tony Taylor
Advanced Flexible Systems

So why us?

CIF has the resources, the vendor network, and the experience for all your fastener needs. As a trusted value-added solutions provider to our customers, we provide precisely that: trust. Our valued customers have come to trust that we deliver on what we promise; we believe in saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

This trust is built by focusing on the unique needs of our customers.

We operate with integrity. And here, exceptional value isn’t just a catchphrase it’s our mantra, and we hold ourselves and everyone we do business with to the highest ethical standards, so we deliver value time and again.

Our customer service is predicated on holding ourselves accountable, so you won’t need to.

Five pillars separate us from the crowd:

We Empower Our Employees.

When we empower individuals, we find our way to excellence. CIF is an environment that focuses on individuality, advancement, and being a team with a singular vision.

We Prioritize Teamwork.

Working collaboratively to maximize the strength of our team members and trade partners guarantees that we can deliver on our promise of being customer-centric.

We Operate With Integrity.

Delivering exceptional value is essential to us; as such, we strive to hold our trade partners, and ourselves, to the highest ethical standards.

We Focus On The Clients.

Selling isn’t our focus; establishing and maintaining rapport and trust is the central tenet of our business. If we don’t currently have the means to meet a customer’s need, we find a way when others would walk away.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable.

Being accountable isn’t just lip service for us. From the top to the bottom of our organization, our team members hold themselves personally accountable for delivering on CIF’s promises.

We are solution providers.

Our service and commitment to quality are to provide the right solution at a competitive price while adhering to our core business values. We built CIF from the ground up by adhering to a well-worn adage: “Under promising and over delivering” high-quality hardware and specialty fasteners to our customers worldwide.

We want to give you peace of mind, so get a quote today!

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