What You Need,
When You Need It!

As a leading supplier of standard and custom fastener solutions we have heard the many complaints about VMI programs, and we feel your pain.

Introducing Fastenflo.

An easy to implement solution we developed to help you take control of your Inventory and restock program.


“Eaglestone’s trusted choice for the best products at reasonable prices. CIF goes above and beyond, visting us weekly, responding swiftly to urgent orders, and making us a priority. Their personal approach and occasional swag & pizza show their commitment to exceptional customer service. Choose CIF for quality, reliability and unmatched care.”

Eaglestone Equipment

Yes That’s Possible

Watch the video to learn how Fastenflo is changing the industry and allowing the customer to take back control of their inventory and restock program.

What You Need, When You Need It!

No More

  • Overstuffed bins
  • Product shortages
  • Irregular visits from your commissioned VMI rep
  • Rep turnover
  • Lack of product knowledge

With Fastenflo

What You Need
When You Need It

No more communication gaps that lead to overstuffed bins or inexcusable product shortages.

Simple Pricing

With Fastenflo Pricing is set before the first shipment. Minimum and Maximum inventory levels are pre-established. They can always be adjusted as we collect accurate data.

Fast and Easy

Ordering is just a scan away, with default quantities fully under your control.

How Does It Work?

  • First we catalog and barcode your facility.
  • Then you just scan your bins when inventory is low or you’re expecting a production increase.
  • The scans are sent to your computer or handheld device where you confirm your order and hit send, that’s it. Chicago Industrial Fasteners will process your order and make the delivery as requested.

With Fastenflo ordering is just a scan away.

Best of all, our award-winning team can implement Fastenflo within 72 hours and train your team in as little as 10 minutes.

Take Control of Your Inventory Today


Best Fastener
Supplier in Chicago

CIF Wins
Navistar Diamond Supplier Award

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