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CIF has the experience, knowledge, and resources to provide even the most challenging specialty bolts and fasteners.


Some Of Our Unique Solutions

Reverse Engineer

This particular customer does not have an in-house engineering department. They rely on CIF and our vendor family to reverse engineer the products they supply. To date we have done this for over 100 different and specialty items. Everything is analyzed….material, plating, threads, all dimensions as well as appearance, until we have a finished product that then goes to production.

Low Quantity Order

This adjusting screw is a low quantity user. Many specialty fastener suppliers would rather not quote than go through the process of supplying 100 pcs, 2 or 3 times per year. This is exactly the type of service we provide to our customers on hundreds of different parts. Each order is a minimum steel buy, a minimum machining charge, a minimum heat treat and a minimum plating charge. Quite a bit of work, for 100 pcs…that is the CIF advantage. We do it because that is what the customer wants and needs.

Tricky Wheel Bearing Nut

This wheel bearing nut can be tricky if you are not careful. The threads can grow and morph during heat treat. CIF determined that it is better to heat treat the blanks, and then tap the threads to insure that the end user has no installation issues. We supply this specialty fastener from start to finish. It is a 7 step process to complete this part. The part is inspected at each step along the way to ensure quality. This wheel bearing nut is produced 65 pieces per order. Small quantity specials is one of our strengths.

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Value-Added Service

This is an example of CIF providing a value-added service. We supply this part with the plastisol seal for our customer. We run a large lot of these, keep them on our shelf and release them to the customer per their EDI requirements. When usage data is collected and managed properly, they should never be without ample supply on hand. That includes spikes in usage. CIF prepares for this by analyzing the data we have on every part.


What You Need, When You Need It!
As a leading supplier of standard and custom fastener solutions we have heard the many complaints about VMI programs, and we feel your pain. So we developed Fastenflo an easy to implement solution we developed to help you take control of your Inventory and restock program.

Learn more about Fastenflo 

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Here’s some other problems we’ve tackled for specialty orders:

    • Plating in a hurry. Being a custom bolt expert we can complete plating jobs in 24 hours or less depending on your needs.
    • Large orders. Regardless of the size of your order, we will stock and release parts based on your schedule; there’s no need for an all-or-nothing approach. And we can custom package your order however you like.
    • Stringent testing. All destructive testing of our products is performed by an outside certified lab that we have used for 16 years.
    • Shipping concerns. We ship your custom fastener based on your specific request. If you have a particular way you would like it shipped, then we are here to accommodate your requests. Just let us know what and when you need it, and we’ll take care of the rest.
    • Same-day service? If it’s possible, then we’ll do it. We make every effort to meet the needs of our valued customers.

“Our customer received the 12.9 sockets you rushed to them for our project. I want to thank you and the staff at Chicago Industrial Fasteners for delivering on your promise, and making us look great in the eyes of our customer! Thanks again for your prompt, professional service!”

Mark P. Chandler
Powertrain Engineers

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